Feather Gathering

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Feather Gathering

Post by mollyserrai » Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:55 pm

Attention Feather Gathering People:

I did a call out for feather gathering, and now it feels as if I must place rules on this, as someone insists on handing me feathers, as well as an abundance of feathers being found.

Rule 1) Please drop feathers at the bank in Pangaea (Main Town). This allows everyone easy access to feathers that wants to use them (like rangers).

Rule 2) Stop gathering after 200, as so many feathers is ridiculous, and junks up the mud.

Rule 3) If this cannot be handle maturely, I will stop asking for feathers once again, and should I be spammed (or even other players) with passing feathers around, I will STOP being nice and report it as harassment, as I have asked repeatedly to stop being handed so many feathers. This is why I requested a drop off place.

I think after each reboot, it'd be nice to have some feathers gathered at the bank for those who want them, but let's keep it a reasonable amount.

Thank you.

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