MUSHClient Plugin: Buff Monitor

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MUSHClient Plugin: Buff Monitor

Post by fanrax » Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:48 pm

Hey Everyone,

Some of you used my old Plugin, I have split out and now have 4 plugins so that you can pick and choose what you want. You can download them directly from my Dropbox by clicking on the XML Links. Or by going through the Dropbox Bucket at: ... IvPFa?dl=0

If you can think of anything else that might be useful, or changes that might make these more useful, let me know here or in game.

Installation Steps
  1. Click File on the top Menu Bar
  2. Click Plugins from the File Menu
  3. Click Add and browse to the XML File downloaded and Open it.

Buff Monitor v1.2 - Dead_Of_Night_BuffWatcher.xml
  • Most buffs should be present. If you see any missed, let me know here or in game.
  • removebuffbar * - will remove a bar from the tab.. Case Sensitive and no Spaces.
  • addbuffbar * - will add a bar from the tab.. Case Sensitive and no Spaces.
  • You can Make a Send to Script Trigger/Alias and set the Send to the below options to add/remove with your own triggers:

    Code: Select all

    CallPlugin ("f6812fbbea7ca2d1a7476970", "buff_off", "regenerate")


    Code: Select all

    CallPlugin ("f6812fbbea7ca2d1a7476970", "buff_on", "regenerate")

Code: Select all

Change Log v1.2  2016-11-07
--- Additions:
         - New Spells Monitored: 
             Regenerate, Tracking, Gills, Shift, Tree, Off to War, Sanctuary
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