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MUSHClient Plugin: Session Tracker

Post by fanrax » Wed Nov 09, 2016 2:50 pm

Hey Everyone,

Some of you used my old Plugin, I have split out and now have 4 plugins so that you can pick and choose what you want. You can download them directly from my Dropbox by clicking on the XML Links. Or by going through the Dropbox Bucket at: ... IvPFa?dl=0

If you can think of anything else that might be useful, or changes that might make these more useful, let me know here or in game.

Installation Steps
  1. Click File on the top Menu Bar
  2. Click Plugins from the File Menu
  3. Click Add and browse to the XML File downloaded and Open it.

Session Tracker v1.6 - Dead_Of_Night_Session_Track.xml
  • This tracks the session for you, kills, crits, gold, exp, time spent. It is toggleable and clearable.
  • Info will output for you only, gtinfo will spit out to your group
  • Typing Score will update the Level+Maxx

    Code: Select all

    Change Log v1.7  2016-11-09
    --- Bug Fix:
             - Thanks to Hixta, found out single digit levels broke score triggers.   This has been fixed.
    Change Log v1.6  2016-11-08
    --- Alterations:
             - Skewed Level, Experience Max is shown on score now.
    Change Log v1.5  2016-11-08
    --- Additions:
             - Now will figure out your Maximum XP to level
             - Now will figure out your Maximum Skew for levels
             - If the above info isn't present, it won't show.

Code: Select all

This Hunt Session you have:
        212 Slain Monsters
        103,809,061 Experience Earned, 489,665 on Average per Monster
        12,870 Average Experience per Second
        51,904,531 Average Experience per Hour
        245,330 Gold Looted
        215 Critical Hits
        1h 14m 26s Time Spent Hunting
        Hunting Session Status:  On

Code: Select all

You have 1102(1102) hit, 928.5(1020) mana and 617(652) movement.
Your alignment (-1000 : +1000): -1000.
Your notoriety is: 0.0.
You have scored 315062821 exp, and have 1062484 gold coins.
You have earned 1503 quest points, and have 1303 available to spend.
You are a member of the vampire race.
Levels:  Ma:92 Wa:100 Ps:92 
You need 0 more experience to reach your maximum.
At the current XP Rate, you need to kill 0 to reach this.
You can skew one of your classes to 113.
Experience points till next level:  Ma:-160470595  Wa:-108737395  Ps:-160470595
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