Racial Balancing

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Racial Balancing

Post by spoonfoy » Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:31 am

as it currently stands, most races have 3 good classes, 3 neutral classes, and 5 bad classes. this makes sense, and is pretty balanced in my opinion.

unfortunately, there are a few classes that have only 2 good classes (hobbit and horc), and some that have no neutral classes.

im going to break down each race that doesnt follow the 3/5/3 pattern below, along with my suggestions as to how to better balance them against the other races, or explanations as to why theyre fine.

good at Monk, neutral at all 10 other classes. this is fine to me, especially considering that humans stats are eh, and they dont get any of the neat little perks like infravison, immunity to charm/sleep, discounts at repair guys, etc. if anything, id say that humans could use just a little dash of something cool, but theyre absolutely fine as they are in my opinion. arguably the most perfectly balanced of all the races.

good at 5 classes, but bad at 6. with the nerf after nerf after nerf that happened to ranger several years ago, im comfortable with that ratio, and none of elves possible combos really feel game-breaking in any sense. plus, they all fit thematically.

dwarves need help, yo. they are good at 3 classes, and bad at 8. my recommendation would be moving Thief, Bard, and Monk out of "bad" and into "neutral" for dwarves. that opens up a lot of decent combos for them, and fits the race pretty well i feel. dwarf monks already exist inside the monk monastery zone in game, dwarf bards just make sense, and its easy to picture dwarf as neutral to thief. if not thief, then perhaps ranger or blackguard to neutral for a dwarf.

gnomes also need help. they, like dwarves, are good at 3, bad at 8. i think this is easily fixed by adding druid and bard out of bad, and into good. this gives gnomes a 5 good/6 bad ratio like elf, but gives gnomes only the caster classes, since thats kinda their shtick. gnome druids LITTER Foss Mansion, and its not hard to imagine one bein' a bit of a showoff an' learning bard magic.

okay, hobbits are SUPER weird... they have 2 good classes, 2 neutral, and 7 bad. that means they need 1 more good, an' 1 more neutral to fit the average. the good class, i feel like is the obvious no brainer of cleric. we have a zone FILLED to the BRIM with hobbit clerics, plus cler/thi already is a great combo, and this gives a super viable option for that combo. the neutral classes for hobbit are druid and blackguard, so i feel like moving ranger to neutral is easy and fits. hobbits live in the ground, so being okay in nature makes sense. and the image of a hobbit stunning someone with a slash to the achilles, or a stab to the groin, is just all too good in my imagination. their 2 neutral classes are nature, an' melee, so adding a nature-melee to neutral out of bad isnt that far fetched to me.

half-orcs are in a bad place too. the worst place actually, out of all the races. good at 2, neutral at 1, bad at 8. eesh. theres a couple directions that are easy to take an' make sense. half-orcs are smashy smashy fighty, and worship pagan gods. we could take cleric and move it from bad to good, but dwarf already exists for a cler/war combo, so i think moving ranger from bad to good, and cleric and thief from bad to neutral would put half-orcs in a much better place. good at war/ran/bg, neutral at cler/thi/monk, bad at ma/psi/pal/drui/bard. that all makes perfect sense to me, an' looks good. plus it opens up a BUNCH more viable combinations, beyond the standard pure war, an war/bg tropes.

lycans are good in 0, bad in 0, neutral in 12. this is fine, however, i really feel like they should get at LEAST a LITTLE bonus to shifter. that would basically mirror them to humans. same stats, same lack of perks, human gets monk bonus, lycan gets shifter bonus. i mean, its literally written into their dna. =p

merfolk use a weird and unique 4g/3b/4n setup, and honestly, looking at them i dont FEEL like i want to change anything, but admittedly i dont really know enough about them to comment or make suggestions. never played one, dont really have any plans to, but the classes that theyre good/bad/neutral at seem fairly balanced to me, and make sense thematically, so... *shrug?*

thoughts? tweaks? gimme feeeeeeeeeeeedbaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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