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Luck Buff Ideas

Post by spoonfoy » Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:02 am

Bard = Large Group Buff
Rationale = this one is obvious, on so many levels.

Thief = Large Self Buff
Rationale = a skilled thief can "make his own luck". in a coin flip, he could palm the coin and sleight a two-headed coin to win, use loaded dice, or edge his blade with poison to slow his opponent and give himself the edge.

Psi = Large Self Buff
Rationale = using the same example, a Psi could force the coin to land on the side of his choosing with telekinesis, make the dice land on 7, or gently lift the scales of his opponent's armor, allowing his blade to slip in more easily.

Rangers/Druids = Medium Innate Buff while in nature
Rationale = i dont even know what the current "natural surroundings" buff does for these classes, but a druid being able to coax a root out of the ground just slightly to stumble his foe, or a ranger having a bird fly past the face of his foe to distract him all seems reasonable. as it's innate with no cast or cost, this is a medium buff.

Blackguards = Large Luck Debuff (single target) and Medium Luck Debuff (AOE), a Small Luck Buff attached to Unholy Blessing.
Rationale = obvious on all fronts i believe, self buff scaled to Align of the BG.

Clerics/Paladins = Small Luck Buff
Rationale = the consideration of their Gods. attach buff to Bless/Blessing, and obviously scale it with the Align of the Pally.

Monks = ?????
Rationale = im really on the fence with this one. i could see "Chi" or some such coming into play, focusing their will and concentration to affect the world around them or something. i could argue and support it either way.

Also, Merfolk = Large Innate Buff while in water
Rationale = this one's obvious too.

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