Druidic Potions

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Druidic Potions

Post by spoonfoy » Sun Oct 30, 2016 10:48 pm

I think a great way to make druids viable, and even desired honestly, would be to expand their Brew skill to include Stat Potions.

Brew at Lvl 12:
Luck potion: +2 Luck for 10 minutes
Con potion: +2 Con for 10 minutes

they would scale uniformly as such:

Lvl 21
Stat potion: +3 Stat for 15 minutes

Lvl 31
Stat potion: +4 Stat for 20 minutes

Lvl 41
Stat potion: +5 Stat for 25 minutes

Lvl 51
Stat potion: +6 Stat for 30 minutes

at level 51, potions stop gaining amounts, and only gain duration, up to 1 hour at level 111.

So Lvl 61 = +6 for 35 minutes,
Lvl 71 = +6 for 40 minutes,

make each stat potion require a different reagent, and potentially even make the higher level potions require a separate, harder to get reagent.

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