Shadow blight journal entries

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Shadow blight journal entries

Post by Strife Drowshire » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:16 pm

For those interested in what the journal entries were.

It seems like it has been ages since the last few mortals walked these realms. The world continues on, of course, like it always will but without the adventurers or mortals it just seems tedious.
Still, we persist because we are part of this place. We breath as the world itself breaths, and because of this I have found....something. Call it a blight, call it a shadow where there should be light. I care very little. My curiosity gets the better of me and I begin my journey. Since it is my time awake,
I will leave my thoughts upon a journal, better to write it down in case something happens to me, yes? Now, onward to the investigation!

Day 14, month of Shadows.
I found it! Whatever this...thing is. A blot upon the natural order. Amusingly enough it tried to strike at me, I found it cute for a whole five seconds until it passed straight through my protection. It missed, but the fact that it can get past something that shouldn' that has my attention.
I killed the pathetic little thing, and it evaporated. Curious! Now I find my folly in dispatching it, perhaps it can regrow itself? I shall wait and see.

Day 17, the month of Shadow.
It regrew! The little thing is back again...and it tried to attack me again. I would almost feel bad for it, save for the fact that I don't. Still, I wish to know more about whatever it's made up of. I will leave this place, and search out more to study. Perhaps if I can harness what it has, then maybe....
just maybe... But for now, no thinking about it. Now, to locate perhaps a larger source of this...thing to study. One that would give me more material to look into. Closing my eyes, I let the natural order around me become noise I can push away until the unnatural heartbeat pulses. Hrm, it sounds to the northeast from here. I also get the vaguest of impressions of underground even though the hustle and bustle surely can be hear near.

Day 18, the month of Shadow
Seems my senses were spot on, and to think this one would appear in a much larger volume. I didn't have time to get much out of it, as this one had attached itself to one of the many cats that frequent New Thalos. The interesting part is that it has spliced itself in almost neatly into the fabric of being that the cat is. The reaction towards the living parts of the cat and...whatever this shadow is easily apparent, as parts of the cat that are normally required to continue living are...gone. Still, as before the shadow cat seemed to sense I was there and came after me. Once again, it was able to pass through my protections if they were not there. I mercifully dispatched the hybrid abomination and this time only the shadow parts evaporated, leaving the rest of the animal to decompose. Curious, I will stay around here to see if the shadow will reform and attempt another invasion.

Day 1, month of the Renegade
Dear Malice that was probably the most boring attempt at waiting that I've had to endure in, well, forever. Only thing worse would have been listening to 'helpful' people trying to tell me and others in a thousand different ways that what we are doing is wrong, and we should do it their way. Zzzzzz, wait! Focus, focus. Regardless the shadow material has regrown and it is larger than the first, but not nearly enough to try and get a good look into what makes it tick. It seems the larger amount of this shadow blight is present, the longer it takes to reform. This one tried to do to me as it had done to the cat, and while I might fancy being part of a live experiment....I really don't. Needless to say, I dispatched it once again and decided it was time to look for larger amounts of this. It is easier for me to find the next place I should check, perhaps I am becoming attuned to it's ebbs and flows? The next part seems to be to the east, a bit harder to figure out because of it's proximity towards other dark aura lifeforms. It doesn't seem too terribly far though, a short walk outside this city I'm sure. Then again, to the east is the dragon sea, so I doubt short walk would ever be considered for anything in that ocean.

Day 11, month of the renegade
Well that was just silly of me. What should have taken a day at most took nearly ten. Who knew not looking underwater for a shadow liquid that 'should' have diluted from the massive volume of water to itself would mean I'd miss it? Not that I'm bitter or anything, but I did finally stick my head under the water near the saughins and noticed it next to their underwater guardian. This...blob? I guess I can call it a blob of shadow was larger than the rest, but still not enough for a proper sample. The interesting part of this one was that it has instincts other than fight. Survival I guess? This one streaked through the water away from me and into the saughin kingdom. I had to chase it all the way into the chamber of Talos before it turned and struck out at me. I killed it, but this one nearly nicked me. Their aim is getting better, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm going to actually have to rely on good old fashioned reflexes next time. Ahh well, time to see how long this one takes to grow back.

Day 30, month of the renegade
I'm beginning to wonder if there really ought to be something else I could do while waiting for this thing to resurrect itself. Nineteen days and it just now barely came back. It tried to run away, but I wasn't having any sort of that again. Currents of electricity that even mortals cannot muster ended that little annoyance. I still find myself interested in the fact that it has a flight or fight response. Could that be why it hadn't tried to take over the lair guardian like the one before did with a cat? Waiting for an opportune time for it to strike? Everything new I learn about this shadow blight makes me even more curious about it. I believe myself fairly attuned to these masses now, as I can easily feel a larger spot of it to the north of the dragon sea. It doesn't look to be increasing, so I may take my time to clear my mind before chasing after this next lead.

Day 1, month of Great Evil
Okay, so maybe I took longer than I really ought to have tracking down the next lead. Over a month of taking my time tracking this one down seems a bit longer than I really should have, at least if I went by mortal standards anyways. My wandering took me around and around the Dragon Sea, and I was certain at least a couple times that I was nearing my prey did it just up and vanish from the spot where it should have been. Does that mean it's evolving because I'm chasing after it? I'm so curious to find a suitable amount of this blight to run tests on. Regardless, the last time I was near the blight it disappeared and this time it's far off to the north west. Hrrm, if memory serves there is a city in that direction that's near some dunes occupied by Dragoons. I'll go check out the city first, it should have plenty of hosts for this shadow blight to take over.

Day 21, month of the Great Evil
Well, I about gave up on this entire endeavor today. What turned into a sure fire way to track them nearly backfired if I hadn't recognized something quickly. One signal turned into nearly ten the moment I stepped foot into Shaddathdale. I was concerned immediately that the blight was turning into something of an epidemic, latching itself onto a citizen then replicating and infecting another. I was relieved to find out it was simply another survival mechanism, that the shadow blight could only infect so many before it's core couldn't replicate the shadow blight matter. Taking out the fakes, I found the core creature without much difficulty. This one is truly large enough for study, I can tell. Dispatching it's host had little difficulty, but the core escaped! It pulled itself free from the host upon death, and then disappeared. I was astounded enough by it's actions that it got passed me once again. Still, I can track it and if I can track it, I will find it again. North it seems, wait. Wasn't there a gathering of trolls of elves north of shaddathdale? Either way, I give chase.

Day 30, month of the Great Evil
I have it! I have it! After all this time chasing after this.....thing? I have finally got myself a large enough sample to conducts tests with! I must find myself someplace abandoned or at least derelict that I can experiment with this blight I retrieved from the troll that it had fused itself with. The sucker was trying to replicate, but with the trolls regenerative powers it had issue keeping itself part of the creature and making it easy to take care of. I have the shadow blight confined in something that was handy enough to keep it from getting out. Now, onward to find the place that will become my new lab!

Day 1, month of the Winter Wolf
I find myself at a loss, as I have done something terrible that may have impact far larger than the blight had been capable of beforehand. The tests had gone according to how I had thought they should, everything coming up unknown. This material was not of this world, and it excited me beyond reason that it was something new to study. The shadow blight seemed impervious to most simple weapons, but not so to anything enchanted. It was after a battery of tests that I got an idea, to inject divine essence into the core and record the reaction. This was my downfall, though I don't believe I could ever known that it would snowball in the way it had. The divine fused with the core of the shadow blight subject, and instead of a normal reaction it incorporated the divine into it's basic structure. The blight broke it's containment and fled from me towards the town of Pangaea, growing at a phenomenal rate. The guards here at Lorings manor were the first to be assimilated, turning them all into blight monsters controlled by the core. If the core happens to find the place, which it now can access thanks to my blunder, we will be in trouble the likes that hasn't been seen in ages. What do I do now? Who do I turn to that could help? Wait, I could wake one of the old ones, their powers are far greater than mine. I will accept whatever punishment they deem fit, if only they stop what I have wrought. Gods, what if the blight reaches her? I have to hurry.

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