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Base stats

Post by sadis » Fri May 12, 2017 6:13 am

Alter the way stats work.
Str - probably OK as is
Con - make constitution affect hp directly, rather than only at time of gain
Dex - probably OK as is
Int/Wis - make these affect mana and/or mana regen directly, rather than only mattering when practicing
Luck - probably OK as is

At gain, consider either:
- hp deterministic, without random element up to level 50; or
- mana include random element like hp does
*leaning toward deterministic if there's any change
*figure out how to make deterministic calculation work with multiclassers
*figure out how to migrate existing characters to new system

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Re: Base stats

Post by Yojimbo » Sun May 14, 2017 9:31 pm

Con should affect saves vs poison and disease. It should only affect hp/mv regen.

Int should give a bonus to spell saves and a greater bonus to mana regen. Wisdom should give the same SvS bonus and a lesser bonus to mana regen. Include the random element for mana gains.

Saying that, I kind of feel the random factor for all gains should be in place from 1-127. Just my opinion.

Dex should at minimum give a bonus to AC; nonlinearly, it should turn into a massive bonus as one gets to 25 or 27.

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Re: Base stats

Post by spoonfoy » Tue May 16, 2017 4:50 pm

i am 100% against "random stats" for any game or any system ever.

it makes literally ZERO sense that i can roll a dwarf warrior, you can roll a dwarf warrior, we can put the same amount of effort and work and dedication into legendlisting it, then, at the end, you have 100hp more than me because of uncontrollable stupid blind luck.

i hate randomness in almost everything. its ultimately unfair and penalizes people for literally no reason. set mana/hp gains are fine as is in my opinion. if anything, id prefer/recommend removing the randomness from 1-50, and making it set 1-127.

however, i also 100% support int and wis doing more, because they are ridiculously undervalued at the moment and always have been really. however, scaling would really have to be looked at, or potentially reworking max stats for races, because otherwise you again run the risk of lolvampires getting way too high of bonuses.

personally, i would really like to see a system of "heres X stat points, allocate them at creation", as opposed to the "make a character, lvl up to see stats, delete, repeat until you find a character that didnt get bungholes for rolls". being able to dictate WHAT stats you have, out of a pool of points, feels way more personal, balanced, and ultimately saves time.

i.e. roll a human, you have 100 points to divvy up between your 6 scores. want nat 22 str? fine, but one of your other stats is gonna be obviously low. want an even character with 16's straight across? done, but you excel at nothing. etc etc.

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Re: Base stats

Post by Celebis » Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:12 am

So I had a thought on this and I wanted some feedback if this could even be done:
You could just add in racial caps for HP and modify or add skills like the new weapons-skills to classes buff HP a slight % based on how well those classes know them.

Classes like Warriors would get an additional buff because of weapons-master and all fighter classes would get a slight buff as well, depending on what they know.

Spell Casters would get their racial caps and no more unless wearing con gear and multi-classes would not receive as much of a bonus because they would not know the skill as well as a pure class.

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Re: Base stats

Post by spoonfoy » Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:18 am

im gonna need more clarity on that Cel. it sounds a little confusing. flesh it out?

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Re: Base stats

Post by Celebis » Sun Jun 04, 2017 6:33 am

In a nutshell:

All races achieve their racial caps once they reach a certain level, gaining set amounts per level.
Skills are added intermittently - Fighter classes all get the same skills, similarly to how poker/2-hander/weaponsmaster was added.
Warrior would get the added benefits of the 2nd skill to give them over-all more HP than any other classes.

Ultimate factors end-game to determine HP would be: Race, How well you know your skills, and if you decide to wear CON gear or not.

How to determine racial maximums would be anyone's guess, I'd imagine a Half-Orc has more HP than a Human but that's me.

So for example:
Half Orc's Racial Max is 1600 HP.
Say he's a Warrior so he gets HPBUFF1 and HPBUFF2 skills both at Superb, granting him...idk 10%+ in each for a total of +20%.
This nets him 1920 total HP. Then if he decides to wear CON gear to further that, it's his decision.

Verses a Half-Orc....Psi? Or some class that doesn't get the BUFF would be limited to 1600 HP unless they wear CON gear for the additional boost.

If he's another fighter class he only gets HPBUFF1 but not HPBUFF2 netting him only +10%HP.

I may not be explaining it all that well.....does that make more sense?

Edit*** The skill bonus would also be affected by how well the player knows each skill. So multi-classing would reduce the bonus. (Which is made up for with the ability to use other abilities/skills)*****

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