Builder Tools

We welcome all players to try their skill at building, even if they have never done it before. You don't have to be an official builder to submit your areas, but if you are interested in becoming one, take a moment to fill out the Builder Application. You can download these programs and files to help you get started:

 Builder Tools
File: Description: Size:
Dead Edit 1.26.7 Current version of Dead Of Night's area editor. (Installer) 2,076KB
BuildingFAQv3.3.doc Helpful information for builders (Word Document: Jan 19 2002 (shops updated Dec 07 2016)) 102KB
BuildingFAQv3.3.pdf Helpful information for builders (PDF: Jan 19 2002 (shops updated Dec 07 2016)) 236KB
BuildingFAQv3.3.rtf Helpful information for builders (Rich Text: Jan 19 2002(shops updated Dec 07 2016)) 155KB