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When you first log in you'll be presented with a picture of a castle and be asked for a name. If you already have a character, just type in the name and the password to continue playing that character. Otherwise try some names until it says you're making a new character.

Sometimes the name you try is not allowed because a monster or another player is using the name already. The game also disallows numbers or symbols from being used in the name.

You will then be allowed choose the Race, Classes and Sex of your character. The gender of the character doesn't make much of a difference. When choosing a class, you have the option of selecting more than one (multiclass), for example class warrior cleric. Choosing the race vampire for your first character is probably a bad idea because vampires need to learn how to hide from the sun. When you have made all of your race, class, and gender selections, type done. You will then have the option to go up to the Newbie Training School or down to enter the world.