Everyone plays together on Dead of Night for the same reason.  We enjoy the game.  In order to allow everyone to keep enjoying it, there are some basic rules that every player on Dead of Night is expected to know.

  • Abusing other players is frowned upon. This includes, but is not limited to include killing, stealing, looting, or other anti-social behaviors. You are always responsible for your charmies, any action taken by them is assumed to be at your direction. Excessive accumulation of notoriety will be seen as a sure sign of abuse.

    Actions which are considered PvP vs against players in general as opposed to players in specific is abuse and will be dealt with seriously. Examples include: hiding unique objects, moving mobs where they may lead to player death, blocking tunnels, hiding mobs, naming beagles to redirect player gate/nature walk/etc and killing guildmasters.
  • Channel abuse will result in your channel privileges being suspended or worse. This includes excessively spamming them and/or using channels for the wrong purposes, or excessive use of profanity.
  • Only one character per player logged on at one time regardless of the number of other players logged on. Multiplaying includes sharing gold and/or equipment between your characters. The penalty depends on the specifics of the infraction, but could be quite extreme.
  • No sharing of characters. One character may be played by only one person.
  • You are responsible for reading the IMM-PC board north of the Pangaea receptionist.
  • You are responsible for your password. Hacked passwords will not be responsibility of the immortal staff of Dead of Night.
  • Abuse of the game is not permited. This includes but is not limited to, abuse of bugs, acting against the spirit of the game (that is doing things which the code does not explicitly prohibit, but are not what it was designed to allow e.g. using the arena to kill someone or using your description for poor ascii art) and the use of triggers to remove your need to be present at the keyboard. Additionally, letting people charm you to remove your need to be present at the keyboard is a violation of this rule.
  • No deliberate creation of multiple separate registered groups of characters. If you do create separate registered groups, you should use iam to link the two groups.
  • You are responsible for keeping aware of the nature of current global agreements. In particular you must be aware of the details of the SMITH agreement, as it affects you even if you haven't signed up for it.

If you have questions about any of the rules on Dead of Night, the best thing to do is ask someone.  The immortals are always willing to help and explain the rules to new players.

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