Immortals on Dead of Night are here to assist new players, answer questions, and enforce the game's rules. All of the immortals have devoted much time and effort to the game and have a strong interest in seeing the players enjoy it, so don't hesitate to ask for their help. In addition to helping players and answering questions, some of the immortals also have other responsibilities:

  • Administrators and Developers:  They keep the mud running and growing. Sadis performs these duties.
  • Builders:  They manage the additions of new items and areas. Stormy performs these duties.
  • Clan Managers:  They approve clans and keep them working. Epona performs these duties.
  • Quest Makers:  They give the occasional extra challenges that keep you on your toes. Stormy leads this team with the help of Strife, Ayla, and Tigra.
  • Scribes:  They maintain the information resources like the help files, website, and story and history boards. Sadis leads this team with the help of Strife and Ayla.

If you have questions about one of these areas, you can contact a member of the team. For example, clan issues should usually go to Epona, but any immortal can try to answer your questions. The 'wizlist' command shows all of the immortals on Dead of Night.