Occasionally on Dead of Night, several characters will develop a strong kinship.  This drives them to form an organization that combines their interests in a common goal and strengthens their cause.  These groups are called clans, and are an important part of Dead of Night.  Each clan is unique, with its own rules, requirements, and purpose, but every clan exists as a means for like-minded characters to unite for power, protection, influence, justice, or any number of worthy causes.

If you believe there is something that the other clans on Dead of Night are missing, you may want to create a new one. The first step in creating a clan is to write a charter proposal, which outlines the purpose, structure, and rules of your clan. You will need to choose someone to lead your clan, and find an immortal willing to sponsor it. If you find a sponsor, and your proposal is approved by , your clan can be created for a fee of 50 million coins.

Part of designing your clan is deciding on its structure and hierarchy. Clans are divided into some number of levels, the highest of which belongs to the leader. There can be only one leader for any clan, but how the other levels work depends entirely on your design. Decide how many levels your clan will have, and specify which levels will be required for your members to enlist, eject, or promote and demote other members. All of this information is necessary to create the clan, and it cannot be changed, so plan carefully.

Included in the 50 million-coin price tag is a clan hall with 100 rooms. You can design this hall any way you like, but before it can be implemented, it will have to be approved by . An empty hall is not terribly exciting, so there are a few things you can add to customize it:

Any of the immortals can give you more information about clans, but questions about clans still in the approval process or questions about more detailed requirements should be directed to .